Risk-free Purchases with Smart Mediator

Whether you’re buying online or in-person, Smart Mediator works as a shield to protect you against any losses. We securely hold your purchase amount until the seller delivers to you as per your expectation.

Imagine every time you buy something from an unknown seller through social media or e-commerce websites, only if someone could guarantee you that your money spent is safe, Only releasing it with you approval.

In a nutshell, We guarantee you security over your purchases made with non commercial sellers!

One App for Buy & Sell
Real-Time Monitoring
24/7 Customer Support
Faster Dispute Support
Extended Market Reach
Fraud Prevention

Start buying with peace of mind in just 3 simple steps

Sign up and create your first order.

Enter Details and Confirm Your Purchase.

Release payment if you're satisfied.

Why do you need Nogodi Smart Mediator?


Its not uncommon for people to fall into a scamming traps while shopping online. But we don’t want it to become the “Norm”. And above all we care for your hard earned money as much as you do.

Smart mediator gives you the control over any purchase you make from any known or non commercial seller until you are satisfied. And if at any point during the order milestones you are doubtful over the seller for any reason, you can always cancel the order and get your money refunded