Sell with confidence using Smart Mediator

How many times have you tried to sell something online but the deal couldn’t go through because either the buyer didn’t seem serious or acted shady in some way?

But imagine if you had a way to make sure that even if something goes wrong you will not end up facing loss.Thats what we do, we make sure that you can sell your commodities or services online without worrying over who you are selling to or what if you materially invested in an order and then get left out, unanswered!

Smart Mediator guarantees your deals, making your trade scam proof!

If you are willing to sell anything online, but cannot trust the potential buyers. Smart Mediator will allow you to sell with peace of mind. Without the worries of investing effort and resources only to end up being scammed

One App for Buy & Sell
Real-Time Monitoring
24/7 Customer Support
Faster Dispute Support
Extended Market Reach
Fraud Prevention

Smart Mediator allows you to sell with ease and confidence in just 3 steps:

Accept Purchase Request from Buyer.

Confirm Delivery with QR and OTP.

Receive payments to your Account.

How Nogodi Smart Mediator can help your business?

With Smart Mediator you can ensure the customer authenticity as you’re only going to be dealing with serious buyers whose identity has been verified.

This way you’re protected from any illegitimate losses through buyer fraud.

Although, Incase a buyer files deceptive claims against you, Smart Mediator also saves you from the hassle of negotiation with the buyer through an automated dispute resolution process.

This way you can focus on growing your sales since Smart Mediator stands with you for all your non- commercial trade, protecting you against fraud